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Must have features for an Inbound Call Center…!

Flexible IVR Its an important tool when an inbound call comes in, as it creates the filter in the queue and even decreases the stress on agents if the caller’s queries are resolved on the IVR. IVR should be flexible as per the trend of incoming calls to facilitate caller without a long holding time […]

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Embracing IVR Self-Service Solutions for Superior Customer Experience

IVR Self-Service reduces operational costs and allows you to handle more customer transactions with higher accuracy A growing number of organizations world over are embracing ivr self-service technologies as a cost-effective alternative to traditional agent-based customer support. There are numerous findings indicating how enterprises across various sectors are reaping significant benefits by migrating parts of […]

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Top 4 ways for making your inbound call solution more effective

Top 4 ways for making your inbound call strategy more effective Mobile phones have revolutionized how business is done nowadays.  It is common to find more people opting to use  other support channels like social media, chat and email to make inquires or to even raise  a certain issue regarding a company’s products or services. […]

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