Next Generation Contact Center Solution For Telecom Companies

contact-center-solutionsWith the advent of technology, the world is getting to be a smaller place. It is easier to get in touch with people sitting even halfway across the world, be it friends, family or customers. Progress at such high speed also increases the complexity of handling communication processes, such as Contact Centres, BPOs, etc. Today, organizations are constantly on the lookout for solutions to improve the efficiency as well as security of their communication channels with their customers. These processes can be boosted to not only help organizations and their customers’ interactions but also to pass and collect messages selectively, store critical information and intelligently cut down costs while providing value for money.

Telecom companies today know that customer experience is going to be the key differentiator for competition, today customers want companies to value their time, so going for a unified contact center solution makes sense for all Telecom companies.

The InterDialog Unified Contact Centre Suite by Teckinfo is a Contact Centre Solution that provides an end-to-end solution for tackling common organizational requirements such as Lead Management, Data Capture and Online/Offline Verification, among others. This solution has also been configured by Teckinfo to fit the industry standards perfectly. The InterDialog UCCS can now take care of end-to-end processes for the sale of sim cards, value added services as well as prepaid and postpaid connections. It also caters to various customer needs such as change in tariff plans, activation/deactivation of any value added services, customer complaints, etc.

The InterDialog UCCS creates a database of customer information which helps in online verifications, targeting the right kind of customers for campaigns to maximize impact and to address their issues as quickly as possible. In addition, it also maintains a database of agent productivity and works intelligently towards improving this. Factors such as Average Handling Time, Wrap Up Time and Productive Time play an important role in these decisions. Apart from these, the InterDialog UCCS also maintains the collated data under tight security with access granted according to selective permissions to ensure data integrity and high level privacy.

Each field visit costs the telecom companies a lot of money, so going for a solution like InterDialog UCCS that provides consistent customer experience across all channels like voice, video, email, chat or social media and resolves customer issues faster is the need of the hour.

Written by Prashant Tiwari, Teckinfo Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

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Automate Dialling – Enhance Bottomline

predictive-dialerPredictive Dialing is the process that automates the handling of failed calls. Sounds simple enough until you read the stats. It is noted that on an average, for every one hundred calls dialed manually, only fourteen will be connected to the right person. So what happens to the rest of the calls?

Out of a hundred,

Twenty five will ring but will get no reply.

Ten will get the busy tone.

Thirty will be directed to an answering machine.

Five will receive a recorded message from the telephone company.

Fourteen will be answered but not by the intended person.

Two will be fax or modems.

From these figures, it isn’t hard to deduce that  dialing manually needs some action to be taken on all of the failed calls, even if only to make a note of the number for a call back later on. This is bound to be a tedious task, especially if handed over to a single person to perform. To ensure high efficiency and low risk of human error, we use Predictive Dialing. It not only allows the automation of handling of failed calls but also works to enhance an organization’s outbound and inbound operations.

While cost benefits are a huge incentive for many organizations. Potential productivity gain is also quite often enough to convince them into adopting the Predictive Dialing Technology. The financial benefits are more prominent in the collections and telemarketing departments where the math is obvious.

Apart from the cost, there are other benefits that are less easily quantifiable, but equally viable.
The strategy for dealing with each type of failure and the relevant follow up action is set by a campaign supervisor and can be modified as the campaign progresses. Based on the above figures, it is safe to say that productivity improvements of 300 to 400 percent (and above) are easily achievable with payback periods measured in months, not years.

A host computer provides the Predictive Dialer with lists of telephone numbers to be called, together with basic information on the customer. The dialer dials the outgoing calls, striving to always have a call answered as an agent becomes available to take the call. As a call is answered, the dialer connects the telephone call to the agent headset and displays customer information on the agent’s screen. This instantaneous synchronization of voice and data is often referred to as Screen Popping. The information displayed can vary between simple customer information to a collection of scripts that enable an agent to structure the entire conversation.

Advanced Predictive Dialers aka Call Management Systems employ easy-to use GUIs to monitor and control dialer operations. One of the more critical tasks of the control operations is the ability to manage the pace at which the predictive dialer will place calls.

Even the casual observer can appreciate that Predictive Dialing is a productivity tool that can enhance not just an organization’s outbound processes but inbound as well. Predictive Dialers deserve close examination and consideration by organizations that want to establish and build efficient, effective relationships with their customers while enhancing bottom-line results.
Teckinfo’s InterDialog Dialer works not only in Predictive mode but also the Preview , Voice Blaster or Power mode based on the requirements of the process.Teckinfo has now boosted this solution and introduces the new and improved InterDialog Dialer. This solution now works more intelligently and independently than its previous version. It not only ensures high utilisation of the agents and runs various algorithms but also runs various types of algorithms, such as Time and Day based attempt, Number based attempt and Maximum attempts, for advanced dialling, to ensure maximum percentage of answered calls. The new Dialer also has a massive CRM repository, Time Zone sensitivity and aids cost cutting by features like Least Cost Routing. The upgraded InterDialog Dialer will integrate with the existing organisational system with close to no effort and improve, by a large margin, the way the customers are engaged for organisational campaigns.

Written by D. Yuvaraaj, Teckinfo Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

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Factors to take into account for a better Contact Center

call-center-teckinfoA contact center is the first point where all customer enquiries are handled.  Small and large corporations and organizations know that handling customer’s inquiries quickly and effectively is crucial to boosting their sales and retaining their customers. A lot of corporations have found themselves in the wrong side due to poor customer service.  This is why it is important to ensure that your customer contact channels are updated on a regular basis. The following are important tips you should always take into account if you need to transform your contact center.

Hiring qualified staff
Hiring qualified staff in your contact center is one of the things that will greatly improve the performance of your contact center.  The people handling customer queries should have the necessary training to effectively respond to clients queries.

Training your staff is the other alternative you can opt for if you are not able to hire qualified staff. Training your existing staff will help to improve their communication skills while at the same time boosting the customer’s satisfaction. Offering incentives will also go a long way in motivating the employees to provide better results.

Consider outsourcing to reduce your overhead costs
Outsourcing is one of the commonly used channels to get qualified and experienced staff. If you feel that you cannot be able to hire call center staff due to the huge overhead costs you may incur, it’s time to outsource this service.

Contemplate hiring mobile agents
One way of greatly improving the performance of your call center is by using mobile agents. A lot of companies are opting for mobile agents since this does not require any form of expansion.  The virtual agents use a home phone or a soft phone with a broadband connection.  These agents will help you expand your contact center without worrying about extra real estate costs and space.

Consider hiring a Work Force Management service
A work force management vendor is a great way to manage your contact center staff.  Hiring a work force management vendor will help you address quality issues effectively thus improving the quality of your services.

Develop a business contingency plan that will shield you from unforeseen events
Nature can bring along lots of surprises and knowing that your contact center has been shielded from these risks will give the peace of mind. Several contact center vendors offer redundancy to their clients in order to mitigate unforeseen events that could render your contact center useless. Having this plan will help you to operate your center without worrying of what might happen next.

Invest in call recording
Are you suspecting that your call center agents may be rude to customers but you have no evidence about it? Investing in call recording will help you determine the key areas that need improvement. Call recording will also help increase your customer’s satisfaction as they will be at peace knowing your company values quality communication.

Segment customers using IVR options
Improve the routing of your IVR options to match the right customer to the right agent – this will undoubtedly improve customer satisfaction as the customer will be speaking to a skilled agent who is able to respond to their queries.

Self Service IVR
The right IVR and self-service solutions improve the efficiency of your contact center by reducing call volume and giving agents more time to focus on interaction. Nothing is worse than having to repeat oneself, especially in the same call, when jumping from self-service to live service. The awareness around the need to provide continuity to avoid repetition has recently grown, which led to the introduction of new technologies that help you track the customer journey.

Improve the agent desktop
Take a look at the agent desktop. In the majority of cases this is a complex environment that leads to excessive agent training needs, increased levels of agent frustration and thus turn-over, increased average call handling times and, worst of all, customer frustration while they wait for the agent to resolve their issue. There are products on the market now that can  revolutionize the agent desktop to make it more interaction-handling centric and remove the need to directly access business applications, and can even recommend what the agent should do next.

Real time monitoring to maximize results
Knowing exactly what is going on in your contact center, what transpires between your customers and agents during the call, and how well your agents adhere to compliance and quality guidelines is critical to long-term success. But knowing what went down during a call AFTER the call has ended doesn’t give contact center managers the ability to intervene or take action while a call is still ongoing. However, with real-time call monitoring managers and agents can act, not just react.

Most of these tips are related to having better technology at hand. Investing in a good contact center solution that is robust and scalable is the need of the hour.

Teckinfo brings to InterDialog UCCS ,  a Unified Contact Center Suite which  is a highly reliable and robust solution for both inbound, outbound and blended contact centers. Our highly efficient CTI and ACD make our product extremely scalable, easily reaching upward of 1200 seats per setup  while keeping the vital parameters well within limits. Options for high availability and redundancy make the product truly enterprise class.  Multi- level self-service IVR with option for TTS, speech recognition, integration with database / 3rd party database, & Screen Pop up are some of the salient inbound features. For outbound we provide a very powerful lead management tool, predictive / progressive /power / preview dialing. Option for best of breed Advance Dialing logic and Automatic Outbound Dialing are the added advantage.  Call recording/ screen recording with option for centralized single view is the USP of our logger .With Interdialog’s unified agent , contact centers are able to provide consistent enthralling Omnichannel customer service.

The scalability of InterDialog UCCS ensures that the solution is future proof, it grows with your growth.

Written By Tushar Madan,  Teckinfo Solutions Pvt.  Ltd.

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Why Call Recording Software Is Important For Your Contact Center?

ninoxMost of the contact centers that have software for call recording, have it  to comply with government policies about call monitoring, or  in some cases, industry regulations. However, there are lots of reasons why having call recording software should be a top priority for all contact centers. Having this ability in their day-to-day operations has endless advantages that should not be overlooked. Some of the most important reasons why it is sensible to have a call recording software are:

Training Purposes: Before a call center agent is hired, they are usually taken through extensive training and orientation of possible case scenarios they may encounter while on the job. This training will however, prove inadequate for some situations after a few weeks. Having call monitoring makes it possible to revisit and review events and as such, have ongoing agent training for new scenarios that were unforeseen during initial training. It also enables guiding the agents through best practices for each case.

Managing Human Resources: A manager could be allocated a large number of agents under him. It then becomes a challenge, or even impossible, to individually monitor the performance of each agent. Use of call recording software will enable the manager review records of his agents and thus reduce supervision time and also increase the effectiveness of his training. Additionally, agents who are well trained will reduce costs of hiring and training new staff by reducing employee turnover.

Quality Assurance: Call recording software makes it possible for managers to review any call at any time for call quality. This provides a very good way of gaining an insight into a typical conversation between an agent and a customer and also goes a long way in helping managers to quickly address any issues. Not all customers would file a complaint after having a negative experience with an agent. This means that bad behavior on the part of the agent can continue for months until it is addressed. Therefore, call recording software enables identification of such problems before they start causing damage to the organization.

Reduced Costs: Use of call center recording software goes a long way in reducing operational costs of contact centers. This is achieved through reduction of paper trails by eliminating the need of having written evaluations, storage material and space for the hard copy records, and other related material. It also benefits the environment by reducing waste that comes from the contact center.

Agent Self Evaluation: The best agents in any field are those who realize their weak points and take the initiative to make corrections or improvement without the intervention of a manager. Call monitoring software makes it possible for agents to assess their performance and in the process, learn from their own mistakes and make the necessary changes to better their performance.

Apart from these reasons also by recording conversations, one can create a wealth of data which helps you to analyze the business and take your customer service levels to newer heights. But for this you need a state of the art recorder/ logger which not only captures the customer experience but helps you maintain all your data in an easily accessible manner.

Teckinfo Solutions has two such products for you.

Ninox is a voice/screen recorder which takes care of all critical recording/logging requirements be it Call Center/BPO, Financial Services, Financial Trading, Telecom. Government or any business where recording/logging is essential. With the added feature of screen recording , proper capturing of customer data is possible which extremely important  especially in places like Path Labs, Banks & Stock Trading etc.

Having vast volumes of data scattered across the organization, timely and orderly retrieval of   data becomes difficult along with the overheads associated with getting the data at a central place.

So, Teckinfo has gone a step further & introduced Ninox+

NINOX+ is an independent tool that can be used at an organizational level to collate real time screen & voice recording data from each of their branches / locations on real time basis and transfer it to the central repository of the organization. Screen and Voice data from third party recorders / logger  can also push their files, through an API, thus protecting investments already made by companies at the branches and other location. Information collected at each centre is converted, compressed and sent to a centralized repository for storage over the company VPN or MPLS network. Ninox+ can also give you single point of monitoring of branches by giving you information and alerts on the status of the voice recorder / logger (whether recording / not recording) at each location.
With an easy to use front end one can find and retrieve data by simply searching based on branch, location, city, regions etc. thus saving vital time, money and manpower from this activity. This tool can be used to not only adhere to government norms, but also protect the organization against any miscommunications, train and develop new staff and elevate customer experience to a level that encourages long-term relationships and reliability.

Bring NINOX+ into the ecosystem of your organization and watch the efficiency shoot up while your overhead expenses, manual labour and scope for human error diminish largely.

Written by Ajay Tyagi, Teckinfo Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

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Contact Center Solution for Banking Industry

contact-center-sloution-banking-sectorThe Banking industry is not only vast but also extremely dynamic. Not only does each department in this industry have vastly different processes based on their respective roles and responsibilities but are also constantly evolving to satisfy the ever growing needs of their vast customer base. A never ending change on such a massive scale is sure to put a stress on the resources and efficiency of any bank. It is also likely to get more complex when the target geographical area is very large and in turn can be detrimental to the response time  for customer queries, the maintenance of the products and services of the bank and increase the cost involved in acquiring new customers.

Owing to the increasing number of ‘delinquent’ & ‘no pay’ customers, debt collection has become a critical issue for banks. Banks or their collection agencies need to ensure that debts owed to them are collected in time. In today’s prevailing competitive business & economic environment, automation of debt collection is critical to safeguard long-term financial stability and growth.

With the InterDialog Unified  Contact Centre Suite by Teckinfo, combating these challenges can be easy. Tailored specifically to suit the demands of the Banking industry, the InterDialog UCCS has customized forms and workflows to take care of the collections or tele-sale processes of the bank. These processes can range from sale of Personal Loans, Mutual Funds, FDs, etc. and also the sale of Credit Cards starting from Cold Calling, Co-brand calling and other value added products of Credit Cards.

InterDialogUCCS has been tweaked to take care of telemarketing products like various different types of loans such as Personal, Housing, Vehicle, etc. It also handles the sale of Mutual Funds, FDs to existing customers and oversees one of the most important processes for the banks, the sale of Credit Cards to the Open Market and co-brand customers. The InterDialogUCCS also takes care of most of the Welcome and Customer Retention Processes, like the Welcome call made to new customers. It also takes care of easing several transactions, such as balance transfer, FlexiPay, Easybill, which were earlier manual and gargantuan tasks.

The InterDialogUCCS has a massive repository where customer information is collected via calls and IVR inputs, stored and can be easily retrieved on the click of a mouse. This data is used for analysis that helps in Lead Management for high success rate of campaigns. It helps in verifications in times of dispute or when security of transaction is of utmost importance. Data is also stored by tracking the number of calls and the productivity of agents, thus helping calculate the average talk time, wrap up time, etc. used by each agent.

With our intelligent automated dialer, banks are able to up the effective talk time of collection agents by managing the connectivity errors like  busy tone,answering machine, dropped calls etc. With the help of advance features of InterDialog Dialer, the collection rate goes up by 200%
Apart from providing higher level of authentication and security, InterDialogUCCS is also tuned to provide easy-to-use financial services that are available round-the-clock and are executed in a safe and prompt manner.

Written by: Sandeep Dhoundiyal, Teckinfo Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

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Social Media And Contact Centers

social-media-contact-centers“The best thing about the future is that it comes one day at a time” – Abraham Lincoln

For us, the future is already here and has brought with it one of the most powerful tools of its time – The Internet.

The internet has introduced to the world better and quicker ways to communicate, completely eliminating time and distance as factors of separation.  Email, video and voice chats have brought the world closer but nothing has had a bigger impact on communications than Social Media. Bringing with it a number of platforms to share pictures, experiences and do some serious networking, Social Media has swiftly moved out of the realms of personal communication and is now considered to offer the best avenues for one-on-one contact of an organization with its customers.

No more worrying about recruiting massive number of resources to attend to customers, no more fighting to keep up with growing volumes and demands of customer interactions. Social Media allows communications with customers in a more focused and feasible manner. Popular channels such as Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn and even WhatsApp can transform the way you get information and feedback off your customer base. However, it must be kept in mind that Social Media can never be an end unto itself.Hence, it is of essence to have a seamless integration between all forms of communications of an organisation. This integration allows a customer to be taken from one platform to another as per their requirements and with little or no intervention on their part. Post integration, organisations can use the Social Media platforms to send out specific messages to target audience and listen in on their feedback too. This data can be then used to get an idea of the general sentiment in the market regarding the company as well as the response to any launches and/or events by the organisation. At a certain stage of evolution, organisations can also look forward to transferring almost the entire responsibility of initiating and maintaining contact with customers, with Contact Centres acting as a backup. Eventually, they can also target launching via mobile apps With improved efficiency and lower expenses in terms of maintenance, Contact Centres can turn into revenue generating centres where end-to-end solutions for Sales-driven decisions can be provided.

The need to integrate  all channels viz email, chat, voice, video & social media  and give the agent a unified view  gets priority as the customer can seamlessly move from one channeel to another. Integrating all the channels reduces the overhead of having to manage multiple avenues at all times and makes it easier to maintain and respond to the customers accordingly. With the right combination of efforts, a larger number of customers can be engaged. With regular updates more and more people can be persuaded to stop by to visit the company pages and website. The increasing following on the platforms can make them a perfect hotspot for a sales pitch.

So hop onto the Social Media bandwagon and hang onto what is bound to be the ride of a lifetime!

Written by Manisha Gupta – Teckinfo Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

Teckinfo Solutions is a leading provider of Unified Contact Center, Customer Interaction Management, Help Desk and other Work Force Management Solutions. Teckinfo flagship product Interdialog UCCS is a robust and highly scalable call center suite.
InterDialog UCCS provides Automatic Call Distribution (ACD), Interactive Voice Response System (IVRS), Dialer, Voice & Screen Logger along with Unified Agents capable of not only handling voice but also other media viz. Email, SMS, Chat and social media .

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Top 4 ways for making your inbound call strategy more effective

Call Center SoftwareTop 4 ways for making your inbound call strategy more effective

Mobile phones have revolutionized how business is done nowadays.  It is common to find more people opting to use  other support channels like social media, chat and email to make inquires or to even raise  a certain issue regarding a company’s products or services. However, on the flip side, most businesses have totally done away with inbound call centers while others do not even carry out any form of maintenance on their call centers.

This can be detrimental to the business in the long run as some customers prefer calling to make an inquiry or to raise an issue that might be of interest to the operations of the business. An inbound voice channel is often overlooked and this can be the defining factor that increases your sales as a company.  This service makes you stand out from others who simply rely on automation and self service.

What this service offers is direct interaction with your customers and service that can be appreciated.  But how do you make your inbound call strategy work for you? The followings are ways that will enable your channels to remain effective.

Ensure that your voice channels are matched with the right people

What this means is that you must make sure that your voice channels are connected to people who prefer to call rather than email or chat.  On the other hand, there are customers who still prefer to use other ways of communication like chat or email that is why it is prudent to have your team of salespeople talking to the right people at the right time.

Another aspect that people forget is to position their voice channels appropriately. This means that all your toll free numbers should be placed right after the call to action section of your website. By using this strategy, you are more likely to have more calls coming in inquiring on how to make a purchase.

Only hire qualified voice agents

Most businesses despite being acclaimed and well known still lack a team of customer care representatives who portray the business positively to potential clients. Interestingly enough, some are even rude and they may end up hanging up. In order to reduce these incidents, it is vital to hire a team of highly qualified voice agents. In addition, you can have your agents trained on how to handle specific phone calls. This will ensure that your customers are getting first hand information about your products and services in the most efficient way.

Call analytics is your go to tool

Making use of call analytics will make your business stand out from the rest. This is because you will be able to classify your calls depending on the quality and interest.  Analyzing your inbound calls gives you a chance to improve on where you feel you may not be at par and it helps you make the necessary changes to your customer service procedures to ensure that your customers are only getting the best.

Make use of a customer relationship management tool

This is one of the most effective tools used by salespeople.  It not only stores personal customer data but it also allows to you to access any recorded information or the customer history with your company.  This makes the experience more personable when you are dealing with a particular customer.

Voice channels can be effective when positioned at the right place. You do not have to incur a lot of expenses when making these calls as long as you know how to go about it. With the evolution of automated channels, the voice channel will still be an important aspect in your business and knowing how to efficiently make use of it will give you a competitive edge.

Written by: Teckinfo Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

Teckinfo Solutions is a leading provider of Unified Contact Center, Customer Interaction Management, Help Desk and other Work Force Management Solutions.

Teckinfo flagship product Interdialog UCCS is a robust and highly scalable call center suite.
InterDialog UCCS provides Automatic Call Distribution (ACD), Interactive Voice Response System (IVRS), Dialer, Voice & Screen Logger along with Unified Agents capable of not only handling voice but also other media viz. Email, SMS, Chat and social media connectors.

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Teckinfo awarded Technoviti Award

Teckinfo is proud to announce that they won an award at Technoviti 2015 . Organised for the first time by Banking Frontiers & Greyhound, the event recognises and honours innovations in technology. It also works at bringing together some of the best technology solution providers in the BFSI industry and boasts of a panel of the top CIOs, CTOs and CISOs, who put their heads together to vote for the top contributors.

Teckinfo was recognised for its solution InterDialog UCCS and its  Innovative and Disruptive Technology in the BFSI Sector. The InterDialog UCCS is a highly scalable solution that fits right into the existing framework of an organization and bring about a higher rate of efficiency while eliminating risks due to human errors and the consequent overhead costs. Teckinfo’s Banking Solutions(Contact Center /Helpdesk solutions) provide an effective link between front and back office operations, making certain that data is available across the organization – in departments, call centers and branch offices – from any location and at any time – day or night.

Teckinfo’s Banking Solutions offers dedicated Banking Helpdesk Services, which increase the efficiency and convenience of your company, by providing constant live customer support availability 24*7-365 offering a variety of services. including: support for employees and customers, and complete start-to-finish automation of processes ranging from simple financial transactions to credit analysis and account processing. It may be used to provide information, online/Offline verifications, Lead management, Recovery, or conduct more complex transactions such as providing opening information etc. The solution has helped to improve processes for some big names in the industry.

Incorporated in 1995, Teckinfo is a leading provider of Unified Contact Center, Customer Interaction Management, Help Desk And other Work Force Management Solutions.  These solutions facilitate organisations with avenues to engage their customers while working towards improving the overall customer experience. For more information on their state-of-the-art technology, please visit them at


Teckinfo announces Interoperability with Matrix Comsec

Teckinfo is proudly announces the recent completion of Interoperabillity with Matrix Comsec. With this collaboration, Matrix plans to break ahead of the race in Contact Centre and Voice based solutions with the help of Teckinfo expertise in Call Center domain.

A leading manufacturer of VoIP telephony systems, the interoperability gives Matrix the opportunity to release its IP based communication solutions such as Phone Systems, VoIP Gateways and IP Phones, into the mainstream Contact Centre industry with the domain expertise of Teckinfo Solutions. Teckinfo’s InterDialog Unified Contact Center Suite provides Automatic Call Distribution (ACD), Interactive Voice Response System (IVRS), Dialer, and Voice & Screen Logger along with Unified Agents capable of not only handling voice but also other media viz. Email, SMS, Chat and social media connectors.

As for Teckinfo customers, they can look forward to using the InterDialog Unified Contact Centre Suite and enjoying the benefits of advanced IP technology, while Matrix customers can have the best of the ETERNITY solutions thanks to Teckinfo’s InterDialog solutions.  This CTI Interoperability will help customers of Teckinfo as well as Matrix thanks to a definite improvement in the quality and efficiency of calling activities.

Incorporated in 1995, Teckinfo is a leading provider of Unified Contact Center, Customer Interaction Management, Help Desk And other Work Force Management Solutions. These solutions facilitate organisations with avenues to engage their customers while working towards improving the overall customer experience. For more information on their state-of-the-art technology, please visit them at

Nalin Mital speaks with Silicon India

After rating Teckinfo Solutions amongst the Top 5 vendors for Unified Communications and Collaborations solutions, Silicon India invited our MD, Nalin Mital for a candid chat and get an insight into the organization’s vision and future plans. Generally as a whole, the industry is moving to ensure that communication with customers is developed into a two way street. Hand held devices and network connections are getting quicker and more efficient, leading to a greater number of communication channels between organizations and their customers.

In this interview, Mr. Mital talks about how the company decisions centre around their customers’ needs and demands. ‘Customer is King’ is the typical mantra followed when a new solution is structured and created. Considering the various verticals in the market and their own varied customer bases, the solutions they are looking for are bound to differ. Teckinfo offers a wide variety of communication solutions to cater to the various processes in an organization. He talks about Teckinfo’s groundbreaking InterDialog UCCS  which is a feature rich, highly scalable, Omnichannel, easily deployable and manageable Contact Center Solution, which provides complete visibility and control over the performance and productivity. InterDialog UCCS provides Automatic Call Distribution (ACD), Interactive Voice Response System (IVRS), Dialer, Voice & Screen Logger along with Unified Agents capable of not only handling voice but also other media viz. Email, SMS, Chat and social media connectors.

The InterDialog Dialer, for example, controls the out bound calling and call list management functions. It also prevents users from manual dialing. The Automated Outbound Dialer (AOD) supplements this solution with the ability to deliver customized pre-recorded voice messages to customers and entire calling lists. The messages can change depending on which list is being dialed and can dial multiple calling lists parallely. Nalin Mital also mentions the IVREdge that can be used across multiple verticals such as the banking, telecom, insurance and other verticals,to integrate the CRM system, payment gateways and third party databases. He also elaborates on the state-of-art cloud enabled Galaxy Helpdesk Software that acts as a central repository for all the voice based processes, thus making it easier to implement high security of confidential information and streamlining processes of various departments.

Apart from the InterDialog series, Nalin Mital also mentions the other diverse products that Teckinfo has to offer. Where Ninox records calls for training, resolution of disputes and other purposes, Ninox+ creates a central repository for these recordings. The central repository ensures not only central storage but also security and ease of access to these recordings. He talks about how Teckinfo had gained major success with big companies in the automobile vertical with their product ViaSMS, which facilitates two way SMS Communication using the Internet SMS Gateway.

Stressing on the ‘Customer is King’ mantra of decision making, Nalin Mital once again mentions how the team at Teckinfo is engaged in detecting the trends in the market and how these observations affect the way new solutions are built. Providing 24/7 assistance to customers has helped generate and maintain trust amongst the clients no  matter whichever part of the world they are based in, be it India, South East Asia, Middle East or Africa. He talks about the latest brainchild of his team, called Web RTC, which will allow users to make real time calls over the web and mentions that  Teckinfo is now slowly but surely moving its solutions on cloud .