How to Increase Your Collection Ratio by 200%

shutterstock_153957728Given the current economic scenario, the increasing levels of debt and delinquency, debt collection is becoming more challenging than ever before. Organizations that were earlier competing with one another to provide loans, mortgages or credit cards are now struggling to recover those loans. Slow payments or bad debts can have a crippling effect on any business. Therefore, it is critical for organizations to ensure that debts owed to them are collected in time.

In order to safeguard their financial stability, collection agencies must work towards improving collection processes and boosting the overall productivity of service agents. An efficient collection strategy not only boosts the debt collection revenues, but also ensures long-term stability and growth for an organization.

Increase Productivity with Automated Dialing System

In the traditional debt recovery scenario that uses manual dialing, a collection agent has to manually dial out numbers. This means dealing with connectivity issues, busy tones, no answer or answering machines, and physically taking down notes for each interaction. As a result, the agent has limited productive time of not more than 15 minutes in an hour and he can connect with only 40-50 contacts in a day. An automated dialer, on the other hand, reduces the agent’s idle time which enables him to connect with more people, leading to better results.

Effective use of advanced automated dialing solutions can have a dramatic impact on debt collection and can help agents improve their connected rates by 120 – 200%. This means that in a given hour, each collection agent’s talk time is equivalent to 45 minutes and he can handle almost twice the number of calls in a day. Predictive dialing software and automatic dialer algorithms can improve call efficiency by lowering the wait time, number of dropped calls and idle time of agents. Based on factors like call duration, availability and skills of agents, the calls can be automatically routed to the agents.

Build an Intelligent Collection Strategy

Collection companies must build a set of processes or structure for analyzing debtors, evaluating the criticality of payments and defining the collection strategy for each debtor. For example, a debtor may have simply forgotten to pay, in which case just a gentle reminder may work. On the other hand, if the debtor is a chronic defaulter who is delaying the payment as there are penalties involved, you may need to work out a more intelligent strategy.

The collection processes must be able to analyze each debtor individually and assess their propensity for repayment. Environmental variables must be evaluated to identify the reasons that could have led to non-payment. Structuring this entire process helps in coming up with intelligent strategies in order to reach out to each debtor with a personalized plan.

Customer Mapping and Right Party Connect

To achieve success with debt recovery, it is extremely essential to ensure that your collection agents are talking to the right people. Even a high-performance dialing system may not deliver results if you are not connecting with the right people. Therefore, you need to configure your dialing solution in a way that it can effectively map customer behavior to the dialing algorithm.

Based on call history and other available data, customers can be automatically segmented for further processing of queries as per the needs of the business process, increasing the Right Party Connect (RPC) by over 30%. Advanced dialing solutions can be used to allocate the most skilled agents to serve chronic defaulters while allowing other agents for routine queries. Supervisors can define agent skill-set by analysis of reports as per requirements. Companies must make sure they assign their best agents to handle chronic cases for quicker and assured collection.

Value-Based Collection and Prioritization

Another approach to ensure efficiency in debt collection is by treating each debtor differently on the basis of the value attached to debt. Algorithms can be created in a way that the most skilled agent is responsible for the largest amount of debt to be recovered. Value-based collection can prove to be quite effective as more skilled agents can be assigned to such debtors with high level of priority. As the large debts get cleared early in, the process automatically reaches more efficiency.

Having a good automated dialing solution maximizes agent efficiency and also ensures that the collection strategy is being implemented properly. In order to achieve best results, the dialing system must integrate with the company’s business priorities and needs. With reduction in number of dropped calls, high uptime and reliability of the solution, the collection organization can significantly improve their debt collection ratio.

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Drafted & written by Manisha Gupta

Embracing Self-Service Solutions for Superior Customer Experience

Self-service reduces operational costs and allows you to handle more customer transactions with higher accuracy

A growing number of organizations world over are embracing selivr-edge-bannerf-service technologies as a cost-effective alternative to traditional agent-based customer support. There are numerous findings indicating how enterprises across various sectors are reaping significant benefits by migrating parts of their customer service operations towards automated self-service solutions where customers can find information or resolve issues on their own. Gartner research states that by 2020, customers will manage almost 85% of their interactions with enterprises without human intervention.

This transformation reflects the paradigm shift happening on both sides – enterprise contact centers and their customers. Customer care centers that have so far relied on traditional call-based service are increasingly looking for innovative models to stay profitable in a 24/7 business environment. Self-service technologies provide them a great opportunity to reduce costs, streamline processes and eventually handle significantly higher number of transactions with more accuracy.

At the same time, customer preferences have changed drastically. More and more people, of different age groups are using IVRs, web and mobile platforms to buy products, gather information and resolve queries. Self-service is hence becoming the preferred choice for today’s tech savvy customers who want seamless interactions and do not want human intervention unless absolutely necessary.

Think Beyond Cost Savings

In the modern era, self-service applications form a vital element of enterprises’ customer service strategies. The cost benefit in the adoption of self-service is well established.  For instance, transactions handled through IVRs are known to cost significantly lower as compared to calls handled by live agents.

Cost reduction through reduced call volumes can be the initial motivating factor for businesses to embrace self service, but the long term benefits can exceed far beyond. In fact, enterprises that have been successful in adopting self-service strategies are reaping multiple benefits. Automated self-service platforms can go a long way in improving the efficiency of a contact center by ensuring that repetitive calls are reduced, and complex interactions are identified and transferred to customer care agents. Also, the impact of this transition can be significant on contact center agents who are saved from the monotony of repetitive calls and are allowed to focus on more challenging tasks.

For customers, seamless access across multiple touch points gives them the freedom to interact the way they want to. It also means issues are resolved faster and more effectively. This can add to their overall experience in interacting with a company and can go a long way in building customer loyalty.

Get the Right Blend

It is interesting to see that companies are acknowledging the value of multi-channel interactions and are investing in self-service solutions to improve margins and maximize customer satisfaction. Yet many companies are shying away from making the transition. In some cases, organizations think that such strategies would backfire. Like in case of products or services that aren’t well-known, traditional phone calls might still be the preferred medium.

The first and foremost consideration should be to understand the needs of your customer. How do they want to interact with you? A great contact center is not one that forces options on its customers but one that allows customers the freedom to interact in ways they want. The nature of business and the products or services being offering also determine the extent to which self service transition can be possible.

While making the shift, enterprises should remember that embracing self service in customer care centers isn’t just about adding some new technology features but a strategic initiative that needs adequate planning. Additionally, the change should be well-communicated to customers so that they are not lost in between multiple options. Soliciting feedback from customers and assessing the performance of self-service tools ensures that the efforts are on the right track.

Integration is the key here, as no single interaction channel can work independently. The key to superior customer experience will be attaining the right blend of human and automated interactions.

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cropped-logo.jpgIncorporated in 1995, Teckinfo Solutions Pvt. Ltd. is a leading provider of Converged Voice and Data Solutions. Teckinfo’s strength lies in developing and implementing comprehensive solutions for Contact Centers, Helpdesks, CRM and other Unified Communication Products and Solutions. Our solutions are highly scalable and flexible, thus empowering organizations to effectively facilitate customer engagement while improving the overall customer experience.

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Drafted & written by Manisha Gupta



Five Simple Ways to Increase Contact Ratio

A higher contact ratio combined with correct leads will automatically improve your business outcomes

With rising competition, unpredictable customer behavior and falling brand loyalty, it is becoming increasingly tough for companies to attract and retain customers. Apart from ensuring excellent customer service at all times, one has to proactively reach out to customers, win their confidence and deepen customer relationships. Successful contact centers not only make extra efforts at understanding customer behavior, they also continuously update their approach to customer management with changing customer expectations.

The efficiency and effectiveness of a contact center ultimately depends on how well it is able to increase the sales volume of an organization. It is often seen that even after making innumerable attempts at calling, contact agents are not able to achieve the expected results. Therefore, companies need to focus on improving their contact ratio and maintaining it at a reasonable level to ensure successful business outcomes.

Apart from achieving the ‘correct’ contact ratio, it is also important to ensure that the correct leads are contacted and converted into sales results. A high contact ratio combined with correct leads can go a long way in increasing your sales leads and ensuring business success. Here are some suggested ways to increase your contact ratio:

Use of Advanced Dialing Logic: Use a comprehensive dialing solution that is built around advanced dialing rules which include Time-based attempts, Number-based attempts, Maximum attempts and Day-wise attempts. This will improve your call efficiency by lowering the wait time, the number of dropped calls and the idle time of agents.

Predictive Dialing: Automated dialing solutions can be configured in a way that can improve dialing efficiency. For example, the system should be able to identify which group to call or which agent to divert a connected call to. These decisions are based on various factors such as the approximate duration of a call, the number of agents available, the number of connections, etc.

Maximizing Call Reach: Outbound calls should be made after a process of critical evaluation to maximize the reach of a campaign. Calling multiple lists or groups at the same time also increases the reach of a campaign within a given time frame. The dialing solution should be flexible enough to allow independent decision making and automation of campaigns across wider markets and multiple time zones.

Use of Skills-Based Call Routing: Customer calls must be managed or routed in a way that they receive quick and satisfactory response to their requirements. Skills-based routing can be used to reduce unnecessary call transfers and ensure maximum utilization of every call opportunity.

Call Monitoring, Persistency and Responsiveness: While the selection of a good dialing solution increases call effectiveness, it also has to be supported with efficient internal call handling processes. Live call monitoring and coaching can be applied to improve these processes. Simple factors like calling time, call duration, response time and ability of the contact agent to connect and engage with customer have to be monitored and improved continuously.

While all the above factors are important to increase the contact ratio, finally it depends on the calling executives and their ability to translate the business goal or vision of an organization. A contact center must aim at developing a customer strategy wherein they are able to deliver value to the customer in each customer service process or activity that is performed.

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Incorporated in 1995, Teckinfo Solutions Pvt. Ltd. is a leading provider of Converged Voice and Data Solutions. Teckinfo’s strength lies in developing and implementing comprehensive solutions for Contact Centers, Helpdesks, CRM and other Unified Communication Products and Solutions. Our solutions are highly scalable and flexible, thus empowering organizations to effectively facilitate customer engagement while improving the overall customer experience.

 InterDialog Dialer is an independent, intelligent system that controls the outbound calls, made by a contact centre, using various algorithms. The Dialer works as Predictive Dialer Software, Automatic Dialer, Progressive Dialer, Preview Dialer mode based on the requirement of the process. It allows the system to create groups/caller lists and then dials out to multiple calling groups/lists at the same time, thus helping target a wider market segment in a shorter period of time.

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Revitalize Your Brand with ‘Social Listening’

shutterstock_189811238More and more organizations are now paying attention to what their customers are saying on various social media channels

The new generation of customers spends far more time over social media channels than over phone calls or face-to-face conversations. They are not just more digitally savvy, they are also more open and forthcoming in their conversations over social platforms like Facebook, Twitter or WhatsApp. Therefore it is important that companies listen to what their customers are saying over these platforms and utilize this information to improve their branding and marketing strategies.
As customer service executives reach out to customers through various social channels, the entire approach to customer engagement is undergoing major transformation. Contact centers are investing in new technologies that can enable flexible multi-level interactions and provide comprehensive reporting capabilities to leverage customer data that is collected through various digital channels. A study by Markets and Markets predicts that global spending on combined social monitoring, mapping, and management tools is expected to increase from $2.2 billion to $17.92 billion by 2019.
With digital forms of communication overtaking voice-based contact, marketers and brand managers have also started developing targeted social media strategies to increase their brand exposure. Any brand looking at creating significant market impact today cannot afford to ignore the social channel.

Access to Instant Customer Feedback
Unlike the traditional ways of conducting market studies which could be time consuming and cumbersome, social listening can be leveraged to get instant customer feedback that is more relevant and useful. Real time tracking of product campaigns and customer reactions keeps you in sync with changing customer demands.

More Effective Marketing Strategies
Listening to social chatter not only helps marketers keep track of market trends, but allows them to assess their competitors in a more holistic way. Customer service organizations are increasingly deploying technology solutions to enable multi-channel customer management, data collection and analytics. This provides them with deep customer insights which can be extremely useful in formulating more effective marketing strategies.

Building Communities and Brand Image
Social Media is the new generation’s preferred way of connecting with each other to exchange new ideas, share opinions and gain access to useful information. Whether it is about voicing concerns or dissent about a certain product or just expressing excitement over a new thing, you can listen to all types of comments and views on these social channels. These social interactions do have a huge impact on the reputation of a brand. Hence it is important for customer-facing organizations to keep track of this social chatter.

Influencing the Influencers
While ‘social listening’ is an important tool for marketers to gauge market sentiment, it is also being used by them to influence public opinion. We have seen how powerful messages sent out over social channels impact product campaigns, social causes or even electoral results. First-time customers increasingly rely on social platforms to check out product reviews and customer feedback before making their buying decisions. Therefore brand managers are devising new strategies to harness the influence of social media.

A ‘Unified Approach’ to Customer Management
The increasing focus on ‘social listening’ is leading to a dramatic change in the way customer service organizations and contact centers are managing customer interactions. There are using a more unified approach with multi-level interaction through Voice, Video, Chat, Email, SMS and Social Media. Integrated technology solutions with real time monitoring capabilities and extensive reporting features are being deployed for effective utilization of social listening. Customer data collected over these platforms is analyzed to draw meaningful insights related to customer behaviour and buying patterns.
With a large population of new generation customers embracing social media in a big way, these channels also can be instrumental in resolving customer complaints and enhancing customer service. Finally, no marketer will disagree with the fact that brands that care to ‘listen’ will always have an advantage against others that don’t. Companies looking at revitalizing their brands with better products, improved services and proactive customer engagement must focus on ‘social listening’ to create a more effective approach to brand management.

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Incorporated in 1995, Teckinfo Solutions Pvt. Ltd. is a leading provider of Converged Voice and Data Solutions. Teckinfo’s strength lies in developing and implementing comprehensive solutions for Contact Centers, Helpdesks, CRM and other Unified Communication Products and Solutions. Our solutions are highly scalable and flexible, thus empowering organizations to effectively facilitate customer engagement while improving the overall customer experience.

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Dedicated Software Solution for Insurance Vertical to Streamline Sales Process

insurance-call-centersThe entire Insurance industry is based on a fine thread which works the balance between the organization and the customers. Tip it either ways and pandemonium is sure to follow. With the huge growth spurt that this industry is currently going through, one of the key aspects of being able to maintain this balance – SALES, presents some of the highest challenges ever.

First off, we need to understand what SALES entails for Insurance companies. It involves reaching out to the existing customers and widening the customer base. This is called Lead Generation and can prove a challenge if the customer base is already very large or if the organizational approach isn’t yielding proper results. It is important to note here that the manner of Lead Generation also changes with change in the targeted geographical area.  The wide variety of techniques required for this process makes it a very expensive one.

In addition, having a completely customer centric approach poses a challenge when it comes to tracking payment histories, allotting the right kind of agent for a customer segment to improve rapport and to have high efficiency in handling sensitive data, especially that of customer accounts.

To assist in streamlining the Sales processes and countering growing costs, Teckinfo has effected InterDialog UCCS as a solution to be integrated into existing systems to work its magic.

The InterDialog UCCS can be installed into their Outbound Contact Centres to enhance business as well as efficiency. It actively works for Lead Management, Distribution and Priority Assignment. It allows Registration and Recording of Agent as well as Supervisor Calls, among other features. Teckinfo has also successfully implemented Online Monitoring and Customized Reporting functionalities within this solution.

What does the InterDialog UCCS do for you?

  • Collection and calling areas are automatically allocated to tele-callers and field staff based on city, area, pin code, etc. Automatic PTP distribution to field staff is also possible via area mapping.
  • Leads are distributed among various tele-callers by tracking their performance and availability along with lead attributes like Area, Due Date, etc.
  • High priority leads are ranked up to 10 and are always allotted for outbound calling to supervisors.
  • Leads are tracked and pursued on basis of field feedback.
  • Lead histories are maintained by way of customer accounts, tracked via customer IDs. All related information is recorded via customer feedback.
  • Agent and Process Productivity Monitoring.
  • Several channels for one-on-one communication with customers are provided as well. For example, email, sms, chats, etc.

Written by Prashant Tiwari, Teckinfo Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

Incorporated in 1995, Teckinfo is a leading provider of crucial tools and solutions for contact Centers, like a complete call center suite, Dialer or IVR’s, Voice Loggers etc. These solutions facilitate organizations with avenues to engage their customers while working towards improving the overall customer experience. For more information on our state-of-the-art technology of InterDialog UCCS for insurance industry, please visit us our Industry based solution by Teckinfo Solutions.

Automate call handling Using IVR!

irv-edge-ivrsThis goal can be achieved by interactive voice response (IVR). Employing an IVR is cost effective instead of agents to answer the incoming call. Interactive Voice Response can cater to the queries of the caller and even ingest the response.

In an IVR the caller is served by the pre-recorded message by automating the calling process. The technology uses either touch-tone or speech-recognition technology to answer customer questions, handle their requests or point them in the right direction, all without having a human intervention.

More to differentiate among IVR’s, there are two types:

Inbound IVR and Outbound IVR
When the Caller calls in, a pre-recorded voice file is played with the options, For example- when calling a business the IVR might direct the customer to push 1 for a company directory, 2 for the billing department, 3 for the sales department, etc.  Then the caller’s queries are either handled by the IVR or gets transferred on opted option.

However, depending on a business’s need, IVR can help conduct much more complex transactions.

As in BFSI vertical, banks and insurance companies use IVR for more cumbersome process like payments of premium over phones. IVR can be connected to Third party payments gateways so transaction may occur in real time.

Other examples of inbound IVR uses include financial institutions that allow customers to conduct telephone banking or fill out loan applications, health care firms that let patients access admittance or discharge records, and retailers that want to accept product or service orders automatically over the phone

In addition to inbound IVR, many businesses are now taking advantage of outbound IVR technology where in a voice file is played at the receivers end once he answers the call also termed Automatic Outbound Dialing (A.O.D). Outbound IVRs allow businesses to have their systems call customers for things like conducting surveys or reminding them of upcoming appointments.

Benefits of IVR

Improved call handling and no cost involved in training of agents required to handle the call instead of IVR and as the actual number of agents goes down, it automatically reduces the operational costs of the business.

And the trained agents can handle the specific calls of specific customers, relatively increasing the efficiency and the productivity.

Teckinfo’s, InterDialog IVR solution is an independent solution which helps in simplifying the way business handles calls from their customers. Self-service capabilities enabled by Interactive Voice Response (IVR) technology, allow customers to access information and conduct transactions virtually around the clock.  InterDialog IVR automates some or all of your customer interactions to help improve the service you provide to your customers and in turn reap the advantages.
Teckinfo’s IVR is a robust and highly scalable Interactive Voice Response System, from 4 port to 128 E1 per server can be handled with ease and efficiency.

Written by Prashant Tiwari, Teckinfo Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

Incorporated in 1995, Teckinfo is a leading provider of crucial tools and solutions for contact Centers, like a complete call center suite, Dialer or IVR’s, Voice Loggers etc. These solutions facilitate organizations with avenues to engage their customers while working towards improving the overall customer experience. For more information on our state-of-the-art technology of IVR, please visit us at IVR EDGE by Teckinfo Solutions.

Next Generation Contact Center Solution For Telecom Companies

contact-center-solutionsWith the advent of technology, the world is getting to be a smaller place. It is easier to get in touch with people sitting even halfway across the world, be it friends, family or customers. Progress at such high speed also increases the complexity of handling communication processes, such as Contact Centres, BPOs, etc. Today, organizations are constantly on the lookout for solutions to improve the efficiency as well as security of their communication channels with their customers. These processes can be boosted to not only help organizations and their customers’ interactions but also to pass and collect messages selectively, store critical information and intelligently cut down costs while providing value for money.

Telecom companies today know that customer experience is going to be the key differentiator for competition, today customers want companies to value their time, so going for a unified contact center solution makes sense for all Telecom companies.

The InterDialog Unified Contact Centre Suite by Teckinfo is a Contact Centre Solution that provides an end-to-end solution for tackling common organizational requirements such as Lead Management, Data Capture and Online/Offline Verification, among others. This solution has also been configured by Teckinfo to fit the industry standards perfectly. The InterDialog UCCS can now take care of end-to-end processes for the sale of sim cards, value added services as well as prepaid and postpaid connections. It also caters to various customer needs such as change in tariff plans, activation/deactivation of any value added services, customer complaints, etc.

The InterDialog UCCS creates a database of customer information which helps in online verifications, targeting the right kind of customers for campaigns to maximize impact and to address their issues as quickly as possible. In addition, it also maintains a database of agent productivity and works intelligently towards improving this. Factors such as Average Handling Time, Wrap Up Time and Productive Time play an important role in these decisions. Apart from these, the InterDialog UCCS also maintains the collated data under tight security with access granted according to selective permissions to ensure data integrity and high level privacy.

Each field visit costs the telecom companies a lot of money, so going for a solution like InterDialog UCCS that provides consistent customer experience across all channels like voice, video, email, chat or social media and resolves customer issues faster is the need of the hour.

Written by Prashant Tiwari, Teckinfo Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

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Automate Dialling – Enhance Bottomline

predictive-dialerPredictive Dialing is the process that automates the handling of failed calls. Sounds simple enough until you read the stats. It is noted that on an average, for every one hundred calls dialed manually, only fourteen will be connected to the right person. So what happens to the rest of the calls?

Out of a hundred,

Twenty five will ring but will get no reply.

Ten will get the busy tone.

Thirty will be directed to an answering machine.

Five will receive a recorded message from the telephone company.

Fourteen will be answered but not by the intended person.

Two will be fax or modems.

From these figures, it isn’t hard to deduce that  dialing manually needs some action to be taken on all of the failed calls, even if only to make a note of the number for a call back later on. This is bound to be a tedious task, especially if handed over to a single person to perform. To ensure high efficiency and low risk of human error, we use Predictive Dialing. It not only allows the automation of handling of failed calls but also works to enhance an organization’s outbound and inbound operations.

While cost benefits are a huge incentive for many organizations. Potential productivity gain is also quite often enough to convince them into adopting the Predictive Dialing Technology. The financial benefits are more prominent in the collections and telemarketing departments where the math is obvious.

Apart from the cost, there are other benefits that are less easily quantifiable, but equally viable.
The strategy for dealing with each type of failure and the relevant follow up action is set by a campaign supervisor and can be modified as the campaign progresses. Based on the above figures, it is safe to say that productivity improvements of 300 to 400 percent (and above) are easily achievable with payback periods measured in months, not years.

A host computer provides the Predictive Dialer with lists of telephone numbers to be called, together with basic information on the customer. The dialer dials the outgoing calls, striving to always have a call answered as an agent becomes available to take the call. As a call is answered, the dialer connects the telephone call to the agent headset and displays customer information on the agent’s screen. This instantaneous synchronization of voice and data is often referred to as Screen Popping. The information displayed can vary between simple customer information to a collection of scripts that enable an agent to structure the entire conversation.

Advanced Predictive Dialers aka Call Management Systems employ easy-to use GUIs to monitor and control dialer operations. One of the more critical tasks of the control operations is the ability to manage the pace at which the predictive dialer will place calls.

Even the casual observer can appreciate that Predictive Dialing is a productivity tool that can enhance not just an organization’s outbound processes but inbound as well. Predictive Dialers deserve close examination and consideration by organizations that want to establish and build efficient, effective relationships with their customers while enhancing bottom-line results.
Teckinfo’s InterDialog Dialer works not only in Predictive mode but also the Preview , Voice Blaster or Power mode based on the requirements of the process.Teckinfo has now boosted this solution and introduces the new and improved InterDialog Dialer. This solution now works more intelligently and independently than its previous version. It not only ensures high utilisation of the agents and runs various algorithms but also runs various types of algorithms, such as Time and Day based attempt, Number based attempt and Maximum attempts, for advanced dialling, to ensure maximum percentage of answered calls. The new Dialer also has a massive CRM repository, Time Zone sensitivity and aids cost cutting by features like Least Cost Routing. The upgraded InterDialog Dialer will integrate with the existing organisational system with close to no effort and improve, by a large margin, the way the customers are engaged for organisational campaigns.

Written by D. Yuvaraaj, Teckinfo Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

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Factors to take into account for a better Contact Center

call-center-teckinfoA contact center is the first point where all customer enquiries are handled.  Small and large corporations and organizations know that handling customer’s inquiries quickly and effectively is crucial to boosting their sales and retaining their customers. A lot of corporations have found themselves in the wrong side due to poor customer service.  This is why it is important to ensure that your customer contact channels are updated on a regular basis. The following are important tips you should always take into account if you need to transform your contact center.

Hiring qualified staff
Hiring qualified staff in your contact center is one of the things that will greatly improve the performance of your contact center.  The people handling customer queries should have the necessary training to effectively respond to clients queries.

Training your staff is the other alternative you can opt for if you are not able to hire qualified staff. Training your existing staff will help to improve their communication skills while at the same time boosting the customer’s satisfaction. Offering incentives will also go a long way in motivating the employees to provide better results.

Consider outsourcing to reduce your overhead costs
Outsourcing is one of the commonly used channels to get qualified and experienced staff. If you feel that you cannot be able to hire call center staff due to the huge overhead costs you may incur, it’s time to outsource this service.

Contemplate hiring mobile agents
One way of greatly improving the performance of your call center is by using mobile agents. A lot of companies are opting for mobile agents since this does not require any form of expansion.  The virtual agents use a home phone or a soft phone with a broadband connection.  These agents will help you expand your contact center without worrying about extra real estate costs and space.

Consider hiring a Work Force Management service
A work force management vendor is a great way to manage your contact center staff.  Hiring a work force management vendor will help you address quality issues effectively thus improving the quality of your services.

Develop a business contingency plan that will shield you from unforeseen events
Nature can bring along lots of surprises and knowing that your contact center has been shielded from these risks will give the peace of mind. Several contact center vendors offer redundancy to their clients in order to mitigate unforeseen events that could render your contact center useless. Having this plan will help you to operate your center without worrying of what might happen next.

Invest in call recording
Are you suspecting that your call center agents may be rude to customers but you have no evidence about it? Investing in call recording will help you determine the key areas that need improvement. Call recording will also help increase your customer’s satisfaction as they will be at peace knowing your company values quality communication.

Segment customers using IVR options
Improve the routing of your IVR options to match the right customer to the right agent – this will undoubtedly improve customer satisfaction as the customer will be speaking to a skilled agent who is able to respond to their queries.

Self Service IVR
The right IVR and self-service solutions improve the efficiency of your contact center by reducing call volume and giving agents more time to focus on interaction. Nothing is worse than having to repeat oneself, especially in the same call, when jumping from self-service to live service. The awareness around the need to provide continuity to avoid repetition has recently grown, which led to the introduction of new technologies that help you track the customer journey.

Improve the agent desktop
Take a look at the agent desktop. In the majority of cases this is a complex environment that leads to excessive agent training needs, increased levels of agent frustration and thus turn-over, increased average call handling times and, worst of all, customer frustration while they wait for the agent to resolve their issue. There are products on the market now that can  revolutionize the agent desktop to make it more interaction-handling centric and remove the need to directly access business applications, and can even recommend what the agent should do next.

Real time monitoring to maximize results
Knowing exactly what is going on in your contact center, what transpires between your customers and agents during the call, and how well your agents adhere to compliance and quality guidelines is critical to long-term success. But knowing what went down during a call AFTER the call has ended doesn’t give contact center managers the ability to intervene or take action while a call is still ongoing. However, with real-time call monitoring managers and agents can act, not just react.

Most of these tips are related to having better technology at hand. Investing in a good contact center solution that is robust and scalable is the need of the hour.

Teckinfo brings to InterDialog UCCS ,  a Unified Contact Center Suite which  is a highly reliable and robust solution for both inbound, outbound and blended contact centers. Our highly efficient CTI and ACD make our product extremely scalable, easily reaching upward of 1200 seats per setup  while keeping the vital parameters well within limits. Options for high availability and redundancy make the product truly enterprise class.  Multi- level self-service IVR with option for TTS, speech recognition, integration with database / 3rd party database, & Screen Pop up are some of the salient inbound features. For outbound we provide a very powerful lead management tool, predictive / progressive /power / preview dialing. Option for best of breed Advance Dialing logic and Automatic Outbound Dialing are the added advantage.  Call recording/ screen recording with option for centralized single view is the USP of our logger .With Interdialog’s unified agent , contact centers are able to provide consistent enthralling Omnichannel customer service.

The scalability of InterDialog UCCS ensures that the solution is future proof, it grows with your growth.

Written By Tushar Madan,  Teckinfo Solutions Pvt.  Ltd.

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Why Call Recording Software Is Important For Your Contact Center?

ninoxMost of the contact centers that have software for call recording, have it  to comply with government policies about call monitoring, or  in some cases, industry regulations. However, there are lots of reasons why having call recording software should be a top priority for all contact centers. Having this ability in their day-to-day operations has endless advantages that should not be overlooked. Some of the most important reasons why it is sensible to have a call recording software are:

Training Purposes: Before a call center agent is hired, they are usually taken through extensive training and orientation of possible case scenarios they may encounter while on the job. This training will however, prove inadequate for some situations after a few weeks. Having call monitoring makes it possible to revisit and review events and as such, have ongoing agent training for new scenarios that were unforeseen during initial training. It also enables guiding the agents through best practices for each case.

Managing Human Resources: A manager could be allocated a large number of agents under him. It then becomes a challenge, or even impossible, to individually monitor the performance of each agent. Use of call recording software will enable the manager review records of his agents and thus reduce supervision time and also increase the effectiveness of his training. Additionally, agents who are well trained will reduce costs of hiring and training new staff by reducing employee turnover.

Quality Assurance: Call recording software makes it possible for managers to review any call at any time for call quality. This provides a very good way of gaining an insight into a typical conversation between an agent and a customer and also goes a long way in helping managers to quickly address any issues. Not all customers would file a complaint after having a negative experience with an agent. This means that bad behavior on the part of the agent can continue for months until it is addressed. Therefore, call recording software enables identification of such problems before they start causing damage to the organization.

Reduced Costs: Use of call center recording software goes a long way in reducing operational costs of contact centers. This is achieved through reduction of paper trails by eliminating the need of having written evaluations, storage material and space for the hard copy records, and other related material. It also benefits the environment by reducing waste that comes from the contact center.

Agent Self Evaluation: The best agents in any field are those who realize their weak points and take the initiative to make corrections or improvement without the intervention of a manager. Call monitoring software makes it possible for agents to assess their performance and in the process, learn from their own mistakes and make the necessary changes to better their performance.

Apart from these reasons also by recording conversations, one can create a wealth of data which helps you to analyze the business and take your customer service levels to newer heights. But for this you need a state of the art recorder/ logger which not only captures the customer experience but helps you maintain all your data in an easily accessible manner.

Teckinfo Solutions has two such products for you.

Ninox is a voice/screen recorder which takes care of all critical recording/logging requirements be it Call Center/BPO, Financial Services, Financial Trading, Telecom. Government or any business where recording/logging is essential. With the added feature of screen recording , proper capturing of customer data is possible which extremely important  especially in places like Path Labs, Banks & Stock Trading etc.

Having vast volumes of data scattered across the organization, timely and orderly retrieval of   data becomes difficult along with the overheads associated with getting the data at a central place.

So, Teckinfo has gone a step further & introduced Ninox+

NINOX+ is an independent tool that can be used at an organizational level to collate real time screen & voice recording data from each of their branches / locations on real time basis and transfer it to the central repository of the organization. Screen and Voice data from third party recorders / logger  can also push their files, through an API, thus protecting investments already made by companies at the branches and other location. Information collected at each centre is converted, compressed and sent to a centralized repository for storage over the company VPN or MPLS network. Ninox+ can also give you single point of monitoring of branches by giving you information and alerts on the status of the voice recorder / logger (whether recording / not recording) at each location.
With an easy to use front end one can find and retrieve data by simply searching based on branch, location, city, regions etc. thus saving vital time, money and manpower from this activity. This tool can be used to not only adhere to government norms, but also protect the organization against any miscommunications, train and develop new staff and elevate customer experience to a level that encourages long-term relationships and reliability.

Bring NINOX+ into the ecosystem of your organization and watch the efficiency shoot up while your overhead expenses, manual labour and scope for human error diminish largely.

Written by Ajay Tyagi, Teckinfo Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

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